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Come, Serve, Worship, and Journey with St. Matthew

The church of St. Matthew, in response to diminishing resources and wanting to be responsive to serve our neighborhood, has embarked on a journey which has led to the church gifting the church property to the Village Exchange Center, a non-profit which serves refugees and immigrants. St. Matthew will continue to be church and to worship in perpetuity in the same building which is now a community center.

We invite and welcome anyone interested to journey with us as we interface and participate in the evolution of this new community center. Our faith perspective is to be outward looking, serving, and engaging, and to be inward looking to see how our encounters and engagements influence and inspire our love and worship. We are on a journey of discovery, difficult, but rewarding into the ways of the gospel for our time and place.

Come and see. Walk with us.

Pastor Marcel Narucki

Please visit the community center’s website at villageexchangecenter.org

Sunday Worship 9:00 a.m.